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You can abstract 20m3 of groundwater every day without licence.

Geotechnical Site Investigations

Wardle Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd can undertake ground investigations on previously developed, undeveloped or challenging sites using standard exploratory methods including:

  • Excavation of trial pits
  • Shell and auger boreholes
  • Rotary cored boreholes (conventional or wireline methods)
  • Rotary drilled open hole boreholes
  • Rotary augered boreholes (hollow stem or continuous flight augers)
  • De-watering wells

Qualified Geologist

All stages of a geotechnical site investigation can be supervised by an appropriate degree qualified engineering geologist if required. Sampling and on site testing can also be undertaken. Permanent borehole instruments including gas standpipes, piezometers and slope inclinometers can be installed.

Standards Compliance & Reporting

All aspects of geotechnical site investigations are undertaken in accordance with the appropriate British Standard. The final results of the investigation are compiled into a comprehensive factual report.

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Geotechnical Site Investigations including de-watering wells, UK