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Geothermal Boreholes for Ground Source Heat Pumps

Wardle Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd can also drill boreholes for geothermal heating systems (also known as ground source heat pumps). Ground source heat pump systems provide a constant energy source where the ground can be used as either a source for heating or cooling a building, be it a private dwelling, office or factory.

Once a borehole has been drilled a looped plastic pipe is installed and grouted into the borehole. A pump circulates a fluid through the pipe absorbing the geothermal heat from the ground. Heat is then made available to the building via a heat pump exchanger.

The depths and spacing of the geothermal borehole is dependent on the size of the building and geological conditions of the site. Open or closed loop systems are available.

Open & Closed Loop Systems

An open loop system requires a water supply borehole with an additional borehole for groundwater recharge. Closed loop systems require a series of interconnected boreholes.

gryphon 16 tonne bore hole drilling rig
Gryphon 16 tonne rig used for ground source heat pump borehole drilling.


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Geothermal Borehole drilling for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, UK